I used to joke “people are allergic to everything these days” and thought it was funny. I didn’t have any allergies and hence thought it was weird so many people had allergies. Growing up on a farm in South America, I did not know of anyone with allergies.

Then one day – a decade after I moved to North America – I started noticing how bloated I started feeling after drinking milk. In fact, it was so bad, it would at time put me out of commission (on the toilet) for hours.

Shortly later I started feeling the same after eating bread. Especially white bread – my favorite. I feared that just maybe karma had returned to get me. And it had… and got me good!

So a few months ago I went in and had my blood tested for 4 different allergies. Turns out I am not allergic to gluten (wheat flour), but rather that I am just overly sensitive. I suppose that was good news as well as bad news.

I love baked goodies. How could I possibly survive without them?

The thought of healthy baked goodies had no appeal to me simply because they – from my experience – simply aren’t as good. Until one day someone pointed me to an ebook with healthy coconut flour dessert recipes and swore I would love them. Of course I was skeptical, but seeing how the recipe ebooklet only cost a few dollars, I decided to get it.

So far so good. In fact, I just finished a coconut flour cupcake that was made after the recipe in the ebook and will say its definitely my favorite cupcake recipe so far. Not just because it does not have gluten (it’s made with coconut flour), but because it actually tasted terrific.

The best part? I feel good about eating it!

So, although I am not allergic to gluten, I do have a gluten sensitivity, but its not as big a deal as many might make it out to be. You simply become more aware of what you eat and adjust your diet accordingly.

Anyhow, wish me luck. So far I am being positive about this whole thing. Hopefully I get used to it before the positivity wears off 😀