Unlike my last post, this short post is not about SEO, heaven or hell. In fact, it’s not that deep of a topic – but an important one to me nonetheless.

Growing up, I was always told to take time out to pray, or as many of my new age friends would call it: meditate.

I was always reminded how that helps keep life in perspective and I know from personal experience that it does. Even if I take 5 minutes a day and conscientiously take “time out” to have some quiet time – I notice how it affect every facet of my life.

As a result I am not only more focused, but am significantly less stressed as well. It’s a refreshing exercise to say the least!

Every so often when I hit a mental wall and can’t seem to break through it, I close my laptop, jump in my car, and start driving. I CloudCity-Drivinggenerally try to avoid the big city or smaller community roads, and instead head out to a major highway (preferably a scenic one) and just drive.

It again is one of those things that helps me destress and get focused. It is almost like meditating. Assuming there is not much traffic, all that is ahead of me is the open road. No worries in the world – all I have to do is focus on the lines and keep the rubber on the pavement.

This not only gives me time to process whatever is on my mind, but it also spurs on my imagination. AKA my creativity.

What mindless hobby do you have that helps you get in peak performing state?

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