My good friend and mentor – Susan Bird – recently tried convincing me that I should start doing some intentional search engine marketing for this blog. In fact, she pointed me to one of her recent blog posts (Honest Rank Crew┬áReview) saying I should start using their services. Apparently they are not expensive but more importantly, because they do all the work manually, their work is of a very high quality as well.

Truth is, I am not convinced I should be doing any of that stuff. I know this is a new site and yes, it would be nice to get some traction going sooner than later, but I am not sure I want to bother with the tedious task of doing my own backlink building – or worse – pay someone I don’t know to do it for me.

The whole concept of doing search engine optimization with backlink building or keyword stuffing is not for me. Why not have a legitimate blog with real backlinks? If someone likes my content, let them decide to link to it rather than force some site that does not want to do it – to do it.

Does that make sense?

Besides, doesn’t backlink building defeat everything search engines are trying to achieve (best quality content for the keyword searched for)? Call me still wet behind my ears, but I question the whole SEO game.

As a Christian – I believe I ought to be honest with myself and the world around me (my fellow man). Doing search engine optimization is – to me – the exact opposite. It is cheating the system!

What are your thoughts? Are you doing any search engine marketing for your site? If so, what do you do that has been proven to work for you?

Not asking because I am interested in doing it myself, but am play out curious what actually works. I simply want to know what works and what does not work.

Would love your feedback.


PS: – Random question: Will there be SEOs in heaven?

One Thought on “Should I bother with search engine marketing?

  1. Amara Heslin on November 11, 2016 at 12:58 am said:

    I beg to disagree. Internet marketing is huge and chaotic. SEO/search engine marketing is one of the easiest and effective ways one can get through and survive internet marketing. Blogging and SEO can go hand-in-hand in that matter, if that is what you worry about.

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